On the surface, we are just another GameFi project, but with the crypto exchange, NFTs and token addition, we are creating a sustainable ecosystem that would transform the web3 landscape and the crypto experience for everyone. 

Learning about #Web3 has never been more fun and rewarding!


$SX ICO Launch Date Set

The countdown begins! We are excited to announce that the $SX ICO launch is scheduled for July 26th, 2024. The entire $SX framework is now complete and thoroughly detailed in the tokenomics, including information on token allocation, vesting, sale, utilities, and more. All these details are available in the whitepaper. (Press Learn More)


New Coin Trading Pairs Added

We are thrilled to introduce the addition of new trading pairs on, based on feedback from our community. The latest batch includes both community-desired meme coins and innovative tech coins. The new additions are: $BONK, $BOME, $LADYS, $WIF, $VANRY, and $ATOR. Thank you for the engagement and suggestions, all are welcome!


GameFi Platform Prototype Introduction

The SpireX CEX is the core pillar of the SpireX Game functionality. We have developed a prototype demonstrating how this interconnection will work. Check it out on the homepage and if you want to learn more about it, check the whitepaper!

Curious to know more?

Curious to know more?

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Latest Updates

Safety and usability

In the world of cryptocurrencies, we acknowledge the need for safety, therefore, are constantly making strides to comply with local authorities and have received official licenses for the exchange, the token and the game. Furthermore, we are already in the process of acquiring licenses according to the MiCa regulatory frameworks.

Transparency, safety and satisfaction are of utmost importance. However, using our products can incur losses, therefore, use the products cautiously.


MiCa licensing

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety for our platform, and as part of this commitment, we are persistently pursuing MiCa licensing. This regulatory compliance will not only enhance the security and reliability of our crypto services but also align us with the latest industry standards. Obtaining MiCa license is a crucial step in reinforcing dedication to user protection and operational legitimacy.



We prioritize complete transparency with every step we take. We are committed to keeping our community informed by regularly updating our progress and decisions. This ongoing communication ensures that you are always aware of the latest developments and improvements. Trust and openness are at the core of our mission, and we will continue to uphold these values diligently.


Anti-money laundering efforts

In our ongoing commitment to safety measures, we are implementing strict anti-money laundering (AML) rules. By attaching ourselves to these regulations, we ensure that regulatory obligations are fulfilled. This proactive approach elevates the security of our services and demonstrates our dedication to transparency and ethical practices.


SpireX is a community-driven project, with real people behind it who are passionate about the industry and that’s one of the elements that make it special. Furthermore, we want to make sure our presents are felt in real life, not only behind the computer screens, therefore, are making strides to attend as many conferences as possible and interact with our community IRL!


ICE 2024 London

The team has visited the London ICE Conference! We secured various business collaborations throughout the conference and onboarded new business clients.


ICE 2025 Barcelona

The team has secured spots for the ICE conference in Barcelona! If you are there, visit our booth at N9-334!


In Real Life Presents

SpireX and the team have big ambitions to ensure our presents are felt not only through the computer screens, but also in the real world. We look to host various community events and attend many different conferences further establishing the SpireX brand.

IRL Events

IRL Events

If you want to learn more about us, and who is behind the project, click the link below!

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Just as every other crypto project - without community we are nothing. Therefore, we aim to onboard as many newcomers as possible and welcome them with rewards and other interactive features.
Additionally, we want to host the biggest stars in the game ranging from crypto influencers to crypto review channels. We believe that we have the ability to make sure our community benefits from our products and services as much as possible.


Bounty Hunt: Interstellar Completed

The Bounty Hunt: Interstellar event has successfully concluded on the SpireX Discord server. This exciting challenge featured four quests, released sequentially over a two-week period. Each quest increased in complexity, pushing participants to their limits as they worked towards the final goal. The hard work and dedication of all participants did not go unnoticed, with a substantial prize pool of up to $5,000 worth of crypto tokens up for grabs.


Discord Engagement Events

Weekly and daily engagement events are regularly held on the SpireX Discord server, encouraging active participation. The second weekly engagement competition has just concluded, with the top three winners sharing a prize of 50 USDT. We are thrilled to see a steady increase in participation and look forward to more exciting events ahead.


Steady Community Growth

Over the past couple of months, the SpireX community has been steadily growing. We are proud to have reached significant milestones in such a short period of time: 3,000 followers on X and 2,000 members on Discord. Additionally, we are pleased to have chosen an organic growth path, which attracts genuine and active users. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Join the community

Join the community

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Vision & Principles

What drives us

We came, we saw, we build.

We have a team of dedicated people that have one focus - to make sure the web3 space is thriving and expanding. We want to onboard people that have 0 crypto knowledge and allow them on a journey of exploration into the unique opportunities that blockchain and crypto ecosystem provides meanwhile earning valuable rewards. Furthermore, we want to pioneer a new concept, something that would excite people and we believe that ‘’trading meets gaming’’ is the thing that can do it.


Onboarding the next billion users

Ambitious? Maybe. However, as passionate web3 participants, our vision for SpireX gamified learning and trading is to onboard the next billion users with zero crypto knowledge. There are many gamers that love to play, but may not know of crypto - why not bridge that gap?

We think that the blockchain industry is just getting started and our goal is to make it accessible and understandable to everyone. By simplifying the user experience and providing extensive support, we aim to create a welcoming environment for all.


Community is our fuel

The goal is to be a truly community-driven platform and reward those that support SpireX. From the moment you join, you're a pivotal part of the decision-making process. Game development issues, reward imbalances, improvement ideas, coin listings – whatever the matter, let us know and we will consider it!

Let’s create a platform that benefits everyone.


Rewarding active participation

It is our belief that we carry an obligation to reward our supporters as much as possible, recognizing and integrating each supporter into the SpireX ecosystem. By giving back to our most engaged community members, we enrich their ongoing experience and place them on a priority list for exclusive perks, tangible or not. Being active on our official social media channels before the launch will be crucial in receiving these benefits post-release.

We came, We Saw, We Will Concur

We came, We Saw, We Will Concur

Learn more about our vision by exploring the whitepaper.