About us

SpireX is looking to become the first crypto currency exchange that merges trading and gaming, consequently rewarding its users.

The company started off with an idea to bring something new to the table, something that would be a rewarding experience for the communities across the crypto landscape.

Therefore, we created an everlasting ecosystem, where individual choices can impact the journey. Unlike conventional exchanges that focus solely on transactions, we prioritize building a sustainable ecosystem.

With the game addition, we want to make sure that the community voices are heard. Not only that, but we want to triple the fun of crypto experience by gamifying it, making it easy to share it with friends and expanding the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

These big dreams are not achieved by conventional approaches, therefore we want to make sure that our big plans are heard throughout the media. For those that are willing to share their interest in our vision, we are looking to reward with airdrops, genesis NFTs and a variety of other perks.

Let’s #BUIDL something bigger than ourselves!

Join the waitlist:
  • 1. Sign-up to SpireX
  • 2. Press the Profile Icon at the top right corner and copy the 8-number ID
  • 3. Insert the ID number below and you are in!