Everything You Need to Know About the SpireX Game Waitlist

Life is full of thrilling opportunities, some we manage to seize, however most happen to slip out of our hands and fall into the “regret drawer”. The fumble hits you on a random Tuesday, as you revisit a hidden memory, where your crush invited you over for some cardio and you hit her with “I’ve already done it in the gym this morning”, no hesitation. Carpe diem – enough with the fumbling, make sure this opportunity counts.

SpireX is compiling a waitlist in order to track people who truly want to participate in our launch and be at the forefront of the action. Without question, we are prepared to reward our precious day-ones! We only launch once, seize it. Complete the simple 3-step joining process and be enrolled for an early adopters list.

Why Hop on the Waitlist?

Basically, for VIP access to the exclusive perks and first-hand experiences:

  • Potential airdrop of our native ecosystem token.
  • Genesis NFTs whitelist spots.
  • Launchpad ICOs priority.
  • Beta version testing of the game platform.
  • Reduced trading fees.
  • Extra Surprises: be the first in line for the undisclosed advantages.

Limited availability
Note that some of those perks have limited spots, making it crucial to act quickly. You being here is half the job done already, take advantage of it.

How to Join the Waitlist

Joining the waitlist is pretty straightforward:

  • Create an Account: Visit Spirex.io and set up your account.
  • Get Your ID: Find your unique 8-digit ID number by clicking on the profile icon—this will be your identifier within the SpireX world.
  • Register for the Waitlist: Go to game.spirex.io, enter your ID number in the Waitlist box, and you’re all set!

The SpireX Ecosystem: An Overview

The Last Airbender combines 4 elements – water, earth, fire and air to become the Avatar. Likewise, we assemble a network of 4 platforms to function as a sustainable, engaging experience and become SpireX:

  • Native Token: The currency of the platform – earn it, spend it, trade it. The token will run on the Solana chain, attained by completing quests/tasks, Airdrops or purchasing. Tradeable, stakeable, substitutable for fees and more.
  • NFTs: Benefits not only as a collectible, but also as an additional perk to increase rewards. Armours, weapons, jewelry, can be both fashionable and provide a 200% boost for your token rewards. Collect all 3 missing ancient artifact NFTs and fuse it into the ultra-rare Holy Grail NFT. Some of the NFTs will be given to the waitlist participants while others will be able to purchase it during our minting process and trade it on Magic Eden.
  • Exchange: Acts as a low-fee crypto exchange platform, which also tracks data for quests, tasks completed within the game and serves as a launchpad for new tokens. SpireX CEX is the pillar of the ecosystem, allowing all the processes to be handled internally. There will never be a need for McDonalds, always plenty of food at home.
  • Game Platform: The heart of SpireX, which will be free to use. However, initially only available to the waitlist members, with plans to open to the wider public down the line. You are Maximus Decimus Meridius, this is your Colosseum, sharpen the sword, feel the sand and prepare for glory. Level up, take on all the quests, tasks, bounty hunts, clan clashes, be rewarded for your efforts and reach the top of the rankings.

BUIDLing the Future with SpireX

Accept the invite for cardio this time. Secure your front seats for the premiere, grab some popcorn while we set up the tape and be ready for the movie’s start.

Questions or concerns? Our team is ready to assist you through the channels listed on our website.

Join the waitlist today, be a part of the early adopter community, and let’s BUIDL something special together!

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