Clash of Clans, Bounty Hunts and Other Community Perks

It is no secret that community is the foundation of any viable project. Since the beginning of humanity, we have operated in groups to collect resources, hunt for food or fur, and protect ourselves from the dangers of the wild world. You had to belong to a party to increase your chances of survival. 

Surely, (as of yet) community is not a question of life or death in the current world, however, the essence remains. For this reason, we seek for a community as tight as possible, where one hand washes the other and every voice is heard. 

SpireX aims to merge trading and gaming to become one-of-a-kind, thus creating a rewarding crypto community experience. Your engagement directly influences the platform’s evolution – be a part of it and we will ensure your stay is worth its while.

Community Privileges

Voice and vote
From the moment you join, you’re a pivotal part of the decision-making process, not just a random user ID number among the database. Game development issues, reward imbalances, improvement ideas, coin listings, – whatever the matter, let us know and we will take it into consideration. Major platform updates? Let’s vote for it. 

This democratic approach ensures that the platform heads in a direction that benefits all, creating a sense of ownership. Who doesn’t despise waiting a few business days just to receive a robotic dry answer which leads to nothing, just as you’re talking to a wall? Our Discord channel is the hub for live and direct discussions, no bureaucracy.

Clans and competitions
It could be argued that having a common goal is the most effective path to forge a strong bond among a group of people. Even the most notorious group—the Suicide Squad—came together because they all shared the same desire: freedom. Consequently, we introduce clan activities.

Gather your squad and participate in clash of clan events to fight for points, XP or other valuables. For example, the first clan’s members to each achieve Level 3 role in our Discord server are awarded with 75 in-game XP and 2 of our native token (each). Be active on Discord and leveling-up through the roles is guaranteed. Who knows, you might even come across your new best friend along the way.

Bounty hunts. Can be either daily, weekly or monthly, individual or collective. To illustrate, a 250 USDT prize weekly hunt begins every Monday. Be vigilant for daily riddles/hints through all of our social media channels – X, Discord, Telegram, etc. to complete the whole puzzle as fast as possible. Completion speed also contributes to your in-game XP tally. 

All things considered, such activities help us depict the most engaging users and put them in a priority list within our perks. As a result, it is no secret – being active on our official social media channels prior to the beta launch will be crucial in receiving the benefits post-release.

Active Participation Rewards

As mentioned before, engagement in the SpireX community comes with its perks:

  • Direct Activity Rewards: Token rewards, XP, etc.
  • Potential Airdrops: Receive SpireX ecosystem tokens just for being active.
  • Whitelist Spots: Get priority spots for genesis NFTs, which offer both bragging rights and potential financial gains.
  • Beta Testing: Play a role in shaping the game by being one of the first to test the SpireX platform.
  • Voting Rights: Influence significant changes within the platform and help steer the direction of development.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain priority in launchpad ICOs and enjoy reduced CEX trading fees among other rewards.

It is our belief that we carry an obligation not only to give back to the most engaged community members but also to enrich their experience by recognizing and integrating each one into the SpireX ecosystem.

Call to Action – Join the Waitlist

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  • Get Your ID: Find your unique 8-digit ID number by clicking on the profile icon—this will be your identifier within the SpireX world.
  • Register for the Waitlist: Go to, enter your ID number in the Waitlist box, and you’re all set!

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